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I, Onesock Dog, was born in a Cape Town squatter-camp.
My first daddy put me in a P&P plastic bag and tried to sell me, at the traffic lights on Blaauwberg rd., for booze money.
BAT (The Blaauwberg Animal Trust) and My New Daddy saved on me on New Year’s Eve 2005.

Thanks Daddy for not letting me become a Pit-bull- practice has-been.

Life through the eyes of a dog called OneSock


Friday, May 15, 2009

Township Animal Resque

Bonnet's Atonishing Tale of Survival

Bonnet was brought to TAR when they were working in Lwandle. She was only a kitten, but had experienced more than enough horror for 9 lifetimes.

BonnetBonnet's skull was open to the bone and her ears had been cut off. She was also riddled with ringworm. With excellent guidence from the vet, much love and care from Jillian and Vanessa and Bonnet's own magical strength to survive, she was able to pull through and recover.

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