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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does your charity start at home?

I visited a charity shop the other day and saw a notice asking for donations of animal food. I was wondering why they did not use the profits the sales of the free donations to buy animal food. It is then that someone told me that some charity shops are self employment agencies. I wonder if that new little car parked outside the shop was bought with charity money.

There is a website that teaches people how to run a charity in order to pay themselves a fat salary from the charity money.

Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with working for charity as long as the charity benefits more than you do. There are quite a number of charities around where the organizers pay themselves first and I wonder how much is left from the monthly takings to pay their charity. It is very difficult to keep track of money going in and out when there is only one paid employee running the place.

I recently tried to contact someone who campaigned for money to help neglected animals, to find she was overseas. I am not saying she used the charity money for overseas trips. I do not know, but it could easily happen.

Perhaps we should encourage people to choose employment that will benefit those in need of help, but there should also be a system to protect employers from greed and exploitation.

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Anonymous said...

Even some government institutions spend so much of their income on wages and advertising, that they are still short of money for animal care.

It seems that it is no longer in vogue in South Africa to do volunteer work for the love of the cause.
Even volunteers demand their wages nowadays.