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I, Onesock Dog, was born in a Cape Town squatter-camp.
My first daddy put me in a P&P plastic bag and tried to sell me, at the traffic lights on Blaauwberg rd., for booze money.
BAT (The Blaauwberg Animal Trust) and My New Daddy saved on me on New Year’s Eve 2005.

Thanks Daddy for not letting me become a Pit-bull- practice has-been.

Life through the eyes of a dog called OneSock


Saturday, March 26, 2011

open letter


In an ideal world, people would microchip their pets, . Every vet or shelter has a microchip reader.
At least put a collar and ID tag on them. All this would help to quickly reunite a stray with his owner and reduces the need for shelters. Only about 5% of pet owners take this precaution, and less than 10% of lost pets ever get reunited with their owners. The rest end up in shelters.

Will you please lobby the British and Australian Governments to scrap or modify their antiquated and inhumane quarantine laws causing such a lot of heartbreak, enabling emigrants to take their pets with them instead of offloading them at shelters to do the dirty work?

Animals are killed in the townships in the name of "cultural traditions"! Dogs and cats are skinned alive in China. The cruelty of cosmetics companies testing new products on the eyes of forcibly restrained rabbits.What happens to race horses once they have outlived their usefulness? What about dog fighting for "sport", prevalent mainly on the Cape Flats? The list is endless.
Don't blame shelter workers who have to kill because of the shortcomings of other people.

Please tell me what we should do to avoid killing shelter animals, because we are all animal lovers and hate to do this.

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